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Good on you for trying, its a start and with all the helpful advice you have being given I am sure you will perfect it over time. Now you did mention adding lights. Will I have done it and I will say it is very difficult to get directional lights. Easy to drill holes cut slots for LED's but putting it all back together is difficult. Actually it just about drove me up the wall.

You will need to do big mods to the drivers cab to get it all to fit. It is just that their is no clearance under the drivers shell. I used a 0.5mm spot drill and from there drilled it out. 2mm tower red/yellow LED's, I got them from DCC Concepts. It would be far easier just to rip out the drivers shell...something to think about. Last thing dont forget to paint the LED's white then black.

Use a function only decoder for the last car. Makes life much easier and you dont have all that wiring running between the DMU.

If you want some photo's for future reference I can send them.

Link to the finished one on youtube, has a couple of extras.


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