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First attempts at weathering!!!

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Having rounded up what model railway items I feel that I am able to use from my parents' house, I have for sometime been attempting to plan my layout.

When we get around to it (money wise), I plan to use the loft having a layout based on a preserved railway. But in the mean time I am planning a small layout based in the mid 60's at a branch line terminus that will take apart and store under the spare bed (plenty of room, it's a double). My wife says that she can provide the "railway cats" - four of them.

I have found a number of Parkside and Cambrian kits that I have built, but not painted, so I have been thinking about liveries, and then weathering!!! I must have thought about this sometime back as I seem to have bought a load or Railmatch paint.

So this week I have spent some time weathering an old Hornby 110, replacing the speed whiskers with a yellow warning panel, and adding some dirt and rust. Not to sure if I have over done the dirt, but still, it is my first attempt

As I said, I my have over did the dirt!

Granted that the photo's maynot be the best in the world but....

All that is left to do is convert it to DCC and add lights - could be a while off yet

Any comments welcome

Thanks to pedromorgn for his help and advice on how to upload the photo's

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Dumb question
coming up:

does anybody do 'removable' weathering? It would be nice to simulate day-to-day effects, then clean the things up, and start to dirty them again graually. Endless fun and variation.....
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QUOTE I have tried weathering with water based poster paint, mainly wagons and coaches. I use the same method

Thanks, Patrick. That sounds like what I need to do. I have water-colours and gouache (which is similar to poster colours).

As a child I repainted my Princess Elizabeth in maroon (using Humbrol paints), but eventually washed it off with thinners - or was it turps? can't remember. Washing it off like that didn't seem to do any harm, but as I've got water-based paints (also oils and acrylics, but I think they would be rather more permanent) it would be nice to use them for 'removable weathering.'
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