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one thing that hasn't been mentioned is how much the postage is going to cost you. I recently was going to buy my son an Underground Ernie set from Hattons and was told the postage would be 85 quid. Surface mail was 65 quid. Obviously I cancelled this. If any package is going to be over 2Kg and a certain size then the postage will be seriously steep. I would suggest that you either go to Hearns Hobbies in Flinders St just by the station and talk to John in the Train dept and see what there is. If he doesn't have it he will order it in for you. He is very helpful and full of advice. He has saved me a lot of money over the years.

Branchline in Croydon is another alternative but nowhere near as helpful. There is also Train World in Cheltenham or there abouts which is closer to you but I am not as familiar with them. They have seemed quite freindly when I have been in there before.

Buying a train set from any of these will be more expensive than from the UK but you will get hammered with postage if you buy from the UK which will take it way over any savings you would have made. Incidentally I have not had this problem buying train sets from Germany as their postal cost structure is different. It is more economical to buy large shipments from Germany whereas when buying from the UK you really want to keep it under 2Kg.
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