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QUOTE (Antony @ 7 Dec 2006, 16:00) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>hi folk,
this has probably been asked already. I want to fit a Bachmann dcc decoder to a train which does not have a socket fitted to put it in. I have spoken to Bachmann and they tell me to just fit a standard ic socket and plug the module in. Is it really as simple as that? or is there more to it? I would assume that I would first need to mount the socket on a board first? and then just follow the wiring diagram to connect the wires in the right order.
Also are there any limits as to which trains they can be fitted to (oo guage).Thanks all

I don't know the Bachmann decoder so I assume you are tallking about an 8 pin plug. You would need to cut up the standard IC socket and use the two rows of sockets cut to length (4 sockets each), since decoder plugs do not directly fit a standard IC socket. You can wire direct to the underside of the socket pins (where it would normally fit in a board), and protect with heatshrink, or mount it on a piece of verobaord.

Is it also a Bachmann loco? In that case you also have to get around the split chassis design to isolate the pickups and the motor.

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