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Fitting a decoder to Bachmann 4MT Standard Tank

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Whist at Warley I joined the scrum at the Bachmann stand and came out with an OO gauge DCC ready Standard Tank. I have managed to get the chassis off and to plug in the decoder and have it run along the track in it's nude state! However I just can't see how to stow away the decoder and get it all back together again - do I need a smaller decoder or have I missed something?
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Sorry i cant be more help than to say when i had a st4 there was room for a std size loksound decoder with 20x40 speaker in the cab. Keep at it, its about the only tank loco with plenty of room. Might have been looking at putting the chip in the coal bunker or down the boiler??
The 4MT tank does have space in the boiler ahead of the moto and gear block - they even provide a plastic "sleeve" (more like a rectangular block with two sides missing) that slots into the recess to house a decoder. However, the LokPilot is a moderately large decoder and may not fit neatly into the available space. I would suggest something like a TCS M1P-UK would fit neatly with room to spare and will cope easily with the power demands of the mechanism (the ratings are quite close to the LokPilot specs).
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