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Hi guys i'm relatively new to this so i may be shot down in flames and told that i'm being mad, but....... i have built a OO dapol deltic and it looks amazing, i would love to see it actually working on a setup but i can't find anything online about how to fit a motor to it or where or what to buy. Please help!! Please.
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There was quite a bit here on the Forum some 18 months ago? Can't remember the topic heading; try searching the Forum with the search engine for 'Deltic', 'Airfix' etc and you should find it. (I suggest 'Airfix' because they originally made what is now the Dapol kit, as you may be aware, & I think they were mentioned a lot.)

Welcome to the forum as well.

John Webb
Best bet is use a Bachmann Deltic chassis.

The Dapol Deltic was originally a Rosebud Kitmaster kit.See Some use the Lima Class 37 chassis to motorise the kit, others use the Lima or Bachmann Deltic chassis see for a Deltic fitted with a TCS decoder.
QUOTE (jim s-w @ 28 Mar 2008, 13:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Best bet is use a Bachmann Deltic chassis.
Strongly seconded, easiest option by far. The Dapol kit has to be modified by making it up as a bodyshell with the same inside width as the Bachmann bodyshell, and both plastic ends of the chassis need to be trimmed about 3mm to match the slightly shorter overall length of the prototype. When it comes to 'stuffing' a kit with a RTR mechanism to produce a working model, this is a very straightforward example.
Thanks guys, i'll post some pics of the finished article soon...thanks again.
Have you completed it yet as I have a kit and would't mind motorising it
I bought one of these kits in the sixties for 5 shillings from a shop in walton on naze, often thought of doing it again and motorising it, i looked on the kitmaster site (followed above link) and noticed that they also produced a blue pullman, is this model still available? if it is would it be viable to motorise this to?
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