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QUOTE (Mike Button @ 6 Sep 2007, 21:48) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The problem is the noise, when it's idle no noise, but running even at low speed it makes a racket, the more speed applied the greater the volome. Is this normal with this type of loco or have I done something wrong? I took the capacitor out when I fitted the chip, would reinstalling it help?
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Is it the motor or a mechanical noise? something might have been displaced when you had it apart.
If it's the motor it could be the frequency setting on the chip making the motor noisy. I'd suggest contacting Hornby direct and ask if they have tried their chip on this motor. If you have access to a programmer and you know the Hornby CV for motor frequency you can try adjusting that to a higher frequency. But ask Hornby first as they are very helpful usually.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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