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I have a few old lima diesels that I want to fit decoders in.
I have a NCE Powecab.
I purchased a Hornby R8215 4 funtion decoder.
I attempted to fit it to a class 31
I installed it folowing :-
When i switched on the powercab identified the decoder manafacturer..(255 i thnk)

But afterwards i got "can not read cv"

Any ideas

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*** 255 is an error reading... it indicates either a problem with the install or an inability to communicate properly with the decoder.... or a faulty decoder. I would expect the second result if there is a problem too....

check the programming track and wheels are clean and pickups are OK. Try again in programming track mode.

If no luck, then check install in detail - particularly be sure both motor brushes are properly insulated from the track.

If still no joy, the decoder is dead - very common with Hornby decoders as they have only low power handling and are not so reliable at any time! I strongly recommend you try TCS decoders - much better power handling and reliability

Wishing you a Merry Christmas

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