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I have fond memories of travelling on the Airedale line from Bradford Foster Square on Class 108 DMUs.
I recently purchased a Bachmann DCC ready Class 108 & I am tempted to fit sound using the decoder supplied by DCC Supplies.
Is it a simple job to do & does it sound good?
Where does the speaker go?
Any advice much appreciated.

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Hi Tony,

It all depends on what you class as relatively easy! I pay to have people install chips in my locomotives, so it is relatively easy. That being said if you can use a soldering iron, I would suggesting buying a sound chip with a pre installed plug and wire a plug into the motor. Bont forget to use heat shrink on the solder joins.

There are two questions to ask. Where can the speaker be mounted (i.e. are you concerned if it is visible?) and where is the chip going to be placed.

Personally I only use ESU chips, but would also use Zimo chips for sound. As to whether the correct sound file is available, that is something others will be better placed to answer than me.


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