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Fixing an 03/04

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Hi guys. I bought a motorised kit built 03/04 today. It looks to me very much like the Airfix kit, but there are no marks to identify it. What is confusing me is that there are split axles on the engine, but they don't meet! As a result, there is nothing to stop the wheels falling out one side, with spectacular results! Has anyone replaced the axles on one of these kits, or got any suggestions what I might use to do it?
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Branchlines offer the Dapol version of the old Airfix kit with a kit chassis, could it be built from one of these? If so worth contacting them to see what spares might be available.

(Alternatively someone may have used the chassis from a Bachmann 04 inside a Airfix or Dapol kit body, the Bachmann uses a split chassis; but they would have had to have modified it as otherwise the prominent 'BACHMANN' moulded onto the keeper plate would be a rather big giveaway!)
Thanks. I suspect that my version was a home made "bodge" achieved by someone who had spent the earlier part of the evening drinking the meths! I'll have a look, and see if I can get any bits. I suspect it isn't theirs though. It seems to be too badly thought out.
If you're feeling _really_ adventurous, high level have a chassis kit for the Bachmann 03/04. Check out the website here and go to the chassis page. If my adventures with a Comet chassis kit for one of my J72s work out, I might just try this one.

Hi. Thanks for that link! I am starting to save my pennies now for the 14in RSH tank! However, I'm not overkeen on paying £50 plus for a chassis for this 04, when I paid £5 for the engine in the first place! I sense another homemade "bodge" becoming the remedy here!
QUOTE I'm not overkeen on paying £50 plus for a chassis for this 04, when I paid £5 for the engine in the first place!

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Quite agree! Unless there's a really good reason not to buy it, such as donor body costing £5, the new Bachmann runs far better than any kit I've ever made! However. I do still have one of the old Replica? versions grinding around, the only maintenance this has ever needed is tightening the screw on the crankshaft if prolonged running in one direction occurs... dates from 1842 i think...
I have gotten a couple of pictures of the motion, and of the underside, showing the lack of axle connection. It would appear that the axles are meant to "half and half" together, but don't actually reach each other! Anyone got any idea what this could be?
Good grief! see what you mean! thought it might have been a split axle solution like the Bachmann Ivatt, which has a plastic centrepiece/tube which fractures with wear... but it looks like a bit of diy EM!
Other than using a short sleeve of plastruct, which I guess you've thought of, araldite and wheel setter from the DOGA stall to keep the back to back honest, can't quite see how to rescue this.. but £5 for a motor etc not bad
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The most significant problem is the (brass?) gear. Unless it is of a non-conducting material despite appearances, or already has an insulating bush; mounting that to the half axles is going to be very tricky. Like Marshlander, I feel the best course is to salvage any decent parts and consign to the scrap line: particularly as the plastic body is also in a poor state.
Ye gods - what a weird arrangement, with that jackshaft arrangement I'm surprised it moved at all!

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