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Flashing lights after a short

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Having got my N scale layout up and running with a Lenz Set 100 in control, if I get a short then any loco fitted with a Lenz mini-gold decoder (via a NEM651 socket) sits there with the lights flashing once the short is reset. The locos with TCS M1s don't seem bothered! I cannot find a simple way of resetting them but assume there must be one. If I lift the loco off the track and replace it, it's fine but not ideal to say the least.

Anyone able to give me a simple pointer as to what is happening here please and a better way of resolving the reset?
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QUOTE (zmil @ 16 Jun 2008, 12:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>What I should have said is:
The greater the input voltage , the more regulation required and the less current available to the track
The closer the input voltage is to the track voltage - the maximum current is available to the track
I hope thats a bit clearer
Regards Zmil

Not sure that's right either! Regulation in the command station will generate as heat an amount of watts equal to the amps being drawn multiplied by the number of volts dropped, plus something for inefficiency. So crudely speaking dropping twice as many volts at the same current will just dissipate twice as much heat. The amount of regulation can only limit the current available if this causes overheating in the command station, which should not happen in any properly-designed command station being used within its design voltage and current ratings.
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