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Flashing lights after a short

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Having got my N scale layout up and running with a Lenz Set 100 in control, if I get a short then any loco fitted with a Lenz mini-gold decoder (via a NEM651 socket) sits there with the lights flashing once the short is reset. The locos with TCS M1s don't seem bothered! I cannot find a simple way of resetting them but assume there must be one. If I lift the loco off the track and replace it, it's fine but not ideal to say the least.

Anyone able to give me a simple pointer as to what is happening here please and a better way of resolving the reset?
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We have had similar problems with Lenz Gold decoders, both our own & customers. They do seem to dislike FLM locos with the earlier 3-pole motor in particular. Usually we swop them for ESU, Lenz Silvers or Bachmann 3-function (which are ESU) anyway.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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