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Flat landscape

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Can anyone suggest and easy and inexpensive way of giving my layout some diffrent levels, making hills etc with wire mesh im ok with, but making track go up and other such things im stuck with as in raising the level of fields, buildings etc etc.

Thanks in advance
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I use stuff from this company: Woodland Scenics Take a look at the foam risers they sell, and lose the wire mesh.
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Wire mesh is excellent material when used with paper mache to construct scenery and tunnels. The paper mache and wire mesh more durable and easier to manage.
Wire mesh is way to heavy and rarely used here. We use either foam or more often balled up newspaper and plaster impregnated cloth. This stuff is a lot faster to use. The risers are made of foam as well.

Trust me on this one. Stopped using wire mesh about 30 years ago.
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I must say that those risers are very good. I looked at the product a while ago when evaluating methods for some new projects of mine.
May I suggest some test of rolling stock before planning and building gradients. I had to redesign my layout as the newer locos from Hornby with loco drive and without traction tyres run very nice but are not very strong on gradients. Now thats a reason to use two locos on one train.
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Not a bad idea. The risers come in several gradiants and it would be a snap to lay some track to test your locomotives.
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