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Fleischmann 6 pole dcc

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I have been looking at a photo of Lenz gold decoder 10410 and note that it has 6 poles. Is this compatible with the Fleischmann 6 pole system or are the poles wired differently? i realize that it is for N gauge but I am looking at small locos with small loads on branchlines. I am looking for something cheaper than the standard fleischmann decoder so any advice appreciated.
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Hi Andrew

Is the Loco fitted with a NEM651 interface?
If so then any NEM651 decoder will plug straight in
TCS do one which is probably cheaper than the Lenz

details here

Hope this helps


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Yes, you can use the Lenz decoder, but as Zmil says the TCS is much more cost effective.

When converting FLM locomotives, if they have the old style 3-pole motor make sure that the motor itself is running 100%. Often they will run OK on DC but they really do need to be running sweetly for DCC.

Why not try Esu lokpilot 6 pole decoders.I have mounted to all my DCC ready Fleicshmanns with them. I know a bit expensive but worth the difference.
As I understand you are HO then just be sure of the current to be 1.3 amps instead of 0.7 amps of which most 6 pole decoders are for N scale.

Hi Andrew,

The Lenz Gold works beautifully in the new FLM 5-pole skew wound tender drive models. Got one in a BR 03, and a BR 41. I too was worried about the potential motor current of running an N Guage decoder in an HO model. But as the model is designed with a 6-pin NEM socket, and the guy in the shop said it would be fine I tried it. Not had any problems, perfectly silent from ridiculously slow crawl upto a decent maximum speed, had them both pulling 18 coal wagons, or 6 liliput coaches up inclines without any problem.

Never tried Fleischmann or Lenz Gold before, and am very impressed. Shame they've just got bought by Modelleisenbahn (Roco), and the Germany factory has closed. Tried a Bachmann/ESU decoder, and the slow crawl is definitely noisier, but just as slow. Might not be the case on the more expensive ESUs, but I've never tried them, nor the TCS or Zimos, which are all well regarded.

If you don't need the extra features, the Lenz Silver is a few pounds cheaper, and is just as good.


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QUOTE (mikewalder @ 8 Jan 2009, 22:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The Lenz Gold works beautifully in the new FLM 5-pole skew wound tender drive models.

Although the Golds are good in the later FLM mechanism they are not quite so successful (in our experience) with the older 3-pole motors - on powering up they often "see" the motor as having a short & just sit there flashing the lights !
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