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Fleischmann 9152c turntable

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I've bought a "new" second Hand unused turntable fleischmann 9152c for my n gauge layout as I wanted a motorised self aligning deck. I've checked everywhere but cannot find what voltage a.c. I it is a.c. should be applied to the black and white wires leading to the switch unit . I'm running a hornby duet with 16v a.c. uncontrolled accessory output and 12 volt controls output. Looking at the wiring diagram it seems to use a fleischmann controller with 14v controlled and 18v uncontrolled but it's not clear if the 18v is supposed to be a.c. or dc. So my query is will I be ok using the 16v a.c. from my transformer or do I need to get a fleischmann controller ??
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