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Has anyone any experience of fitting a decoder to the Fleischmann 98? Or can anyone point me to anywhere I can find any info on how to go about this? There doesn't seem a lot of room in there at all.

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If there is no 6-pin socket you will have to cut the track on the motor backplate to isolate the LH brush holder (as you look at the motor). Follow the below for connections ;

Red-pickup from track.
Orange-RH brush.
Grey-LH brush.
White-front lights.
Yellow-rear lights.

Although these motors are regarded by some as a little crude they will run very well with a decent decoder - it is very important that the locomotive runs well & free before conversion - if not a good service & a commutator clean will benefit.

Make sure that you use a decoder that will dim the lights, otherwise they will look like searchlights & possibly damage the body (an alternative is to use 24v bulbs or even modify to fit LED's).

Hope this helps.

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Hi 1ngham

The most important step is picture h006
-cutting the link to isolate the chassis from the -ve motor brush-
you can fit a TCS M1 decoder in that spot shown by the German site
I can email you a conversion of a similar setup motor if you wish , although it is mounted upside down to that one

hope this helps

and Happy new year

Regards Zmil
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