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fleischmann DB, class 18.6 sound

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i have buy a fleischmann DB, class 18.6 sound loco

i have got everything working and is a super loco

but i can't find out how to work the lights on the lenz 100 system

i looked in the book and it don't realy say anything for the lights

just says
function / key on twin-center/action / what you hear, see
/ funchtion /lights on/ headlights switch on
/ off / lights off/ headlights switch off

it just dos not say about the key for the lights

i did get them working for a short time but i don't know how i did it

i have tryed every button on the lenz 100

can anyone help me here
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Hi there,

lights are usually switched on and off utilizing the "F0" function.

on Lenz V100 Engl. it says:

QUOTE You can switch the function 0 on and off using the key '0'. V3 has access to F0 plus F1through F12.

Hope that´ll help
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i know how the lenz works

i fixed the problem

it had something to do with speed steps

i had to set the CV 29 to bit 11

not much of a problem

although i am suprised you can't turn the lights on and off they are always on depending on direction of travel

lol who said that these german steam trains are ugly
they look great with all them pipes and stuff

the loco has great level of detail and sound and worth the money although it cost £350 with the flieshmann trackcleaner cart (from trains4U)
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QUOTE (dragoburnhard @ 2 May 2007, 20:18) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> who said that these german steam trains are ugly
they look great with all them pipes and stuff ...

Oh, I´m just kidding. However, personally I like the early, pre-WWI engines better. But the class 19.0 is not availiable in Saxonian State Railways livery. So part of the joke is that I´m telling myself and my friends that (in reference to this very engine) red and black isn´t ugly. The early livery mentioned above would be sea green and brownish red.

Like this beauty:

Good thing you fixed the problem. Nice job.
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yes i understand i said it as a joke too

for one thing the sound on this loco is just super alot better then some of the £3000+ locos i heard

anyways i will be makeing a video review of it some time shortly
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