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Fleischmann DCC

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Having always bought Fleischmann piccolo locomotives with decoders already installed I decided to buy a non-DCC loco (867260) and a decoder (6858), having installed the decoder in the locomotive I now cannot get it to work.

Should the decoder have come with an address?, I cannot see one in any of the instructions that came with it.
If no address obvious then can the Twin-Centre 'read' the address from the loco on the track?

As a separate matter I cannot see from the Twin-Center handbook how to change loco addresses, it's probably in there somewhere but where?

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I am not familiar with the Fleiscmann DCC control centre, but all their locos I have dealt with have had a default address of 3. On my DCC systems (lenz or NCE) I program the address on a specific area of track described as a programming track and I would imagine the Fleischmann system has that facility. That piece of track is isolated from the rest, and is fed by seperating wiring.
There is also'Programming on the Main' but for initial setup it is worth using the seperate track. It is possible that the Fleischmann set up has a facility for reading settings on the decoder, and this will mean reading the manual and using the programming track.

If there is still failure then checking the instalation is necessary and that can be fun on n gauge.

Good Luck
QUOTE (jag @ 20 Mar 2008, 19:38) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thank you very much for that, using 3 did the trick although I've now got two 3s! I noted the sections in the Handbook about Programming Track etc. but it all seemed a bit complicated for what I though would be a fairly simple exercise.

Thank you again for your help.

Jeremy Griffiths
OK so you take one of the locos, place it on the programming track, and follow the instructions with the command unit to set the address you want. This can be 2 or 4 digit and the instructions of how to differentiate will be in their as well.

One step at a time, it does take time to get to know the methods, and often the learning is frustrating.

Then once one is done, try another, and soon looking into cv's becomes interesting!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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