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Fleischmann DCC

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Having always bought Fleischmann piccolo locomotives with decoders already installed I decided to buy a non-DCC loco (867260) and a decoder (6858), having installed the decoder in the locomotive I now cannot get it to work.

Should the decoder have come with an address?, I cannot see one in any of the instructions that came with it.
If no address obvious then can the Twin-Centre 'read' the address from the loco on the track?

As a separate matter I cannot see from the Twin-Center handbook how to change loco addresses, it's probably in there somewhere but where?

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I bought HO Fleischmann P8 (BR38) with a factory decoder on eBay. I use Roco MultiMouse DCC set and it runs without any problems.

However I would like to change some settings like; dim the lights or set lower shunting speed. Is this possible with these decoders? Does anyone knows where I can find technical info or description of the decoders and point me to it?

I tried emailing Fleischmann support, but I got no reply so far.

Many thanks,
Marek Klimczyk
Hi Brian,

Many thanks, it is appreciated.

My email

m.klimczyk(at) Of course you will need to replace (at) with correct sign ;-)

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