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QUOTE (Dan Hamblin @ 9 Jul 2007, 21:34) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Ok, I'm going to be a bit of a pain now - if I wanted to use the Fleischmann preballasted track for the roundhouse (9 roads) and Peco track for the access road and sheds on the other side; which would be the best choice? Perhaps the same one but use the adapter fishplates?

Just to explain, after having to spend a few days freeing my roundhouse and the track from the old layout, I want to make it easier next time round. I reckon the best way of achieving this is to keep the baseboard immediately around the roundhouse and entrance tracks clear to allow it to be simply lifted off in future. The Fleischmann track would help a great deal in that respect, but I want to use the Peco stuff on the other side for the inspection pits etc.


That is easily done, in fact too easy. I did this by mistake as I ordered the wrong extension tracks! The only issue you will find is that the pre ballasted track is a slightly different colour from the Ni-Ag track but you can easily sort this if it's an issue. In terms of which one you choose, if you go the preballasted then you will get six preballasted run off tracks with it so that is less of the extra run off tracks to buy later.

QUOTE Heard that it is a nightmare to convert to DCC.

I don't control mine by DCC. I didn't see any point. If you want to Maerklin have a DCC Turntable module which you can try, or as said Fleischmann have something coming out. The only issue with DCC I would mention is that when the turntable is turning you occaisionally get a short depending on where the track polarity is at on the turntable track relative to the power in track. Doug mentioned this in an unrelated thread and said that he sorted this by isolating all the off shoot tracks and feeding current to them direct. I haven't found it that much of an issue that I have got round to doing anything about it yet.
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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