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Fleischmann HO Profi-Track

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Knowing that there are quite a few knowledgable people on this forum, do any of you know what code rail the Fleischmann Profi-Track uses? Also can anyone explain the difference between Fleischmann turntables code # 6052C, 6152C and 6651C? The Fleischmann website is not very clear in this respect apart from 6651C being compatible with OO gauge track (but what type?).

Thanks in advance,

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It won’t help the OP I guess, but there is a special Trix-C track transition piece for people who have invested already in loads of Profi track and wish to expand and use another ready ballasted track (Trix-C).
That's an interesting development, although I think one of the problems with linking Fleischmann Profi track to the Trix C track will be the different heights as the Trix track is much higher,
Best wishes,
There's a photo of the Trix converter track in their new items leaflet for Autumn 2020. You can clearly see it change in height from one end to the other.

Cheers David, clever move by Trix to try and get people to move over to the Trix ready ballasted system with the demise of the Fleischmann Profi track
I wonder what Roco will do in response? Surely they're not going to allow their customers to decamp to Trix without a struggle?

Hi Everyone I am gutted that Roco/Fleischmann had stopped making the track. But they did not even give any warning. From my perspective Roco have not come up with any thing suitable to add to the Feleischmann Profi. I invested heavily in the Profi track. When i found out i nearly dumped it because i could not get certain parts. But i would have had to start again. I have in the region of 5000 euros worth of track and could not justify. So i have had to alter my track plan severly. Just my two penny worth.
Roco had got to the point where they had three track systems - Geoline, Rocoline and Fleischmann. Something had to give and with the owners putting the HO under Roco and 'n' under Fleischmann the result was inevitable?

Hi 6991 you have lost me Who is ETS Thank you so that i can have a look
kind Regards. Babs
Hi Babs,
ETS = Eisenbahntreffpunkt Schweickhardt, in Waiblingen.
One of the first internet shops in Germany, online since the 1990s and a great physical presence too, really nice shop. I first used them in 1998/99. Nice people.
Have a look at the links down the left of the home page, under "Aktuelle Informationen" you can find "Fleischmann H0 Gleise bei uns immer zu haben"
Hi 6991 Thank you for the Great info never knew about them. Thank you. Sadly the article i was looking for the 3 way point is secondhand andbecause of the complexities of the point i needed new. Thank you once again.
Is this of any use Babs?

An ebay listed item

It is non-ballasted track si I am not sure if it's what you are after. At least the set contains a three-way point.

Best regards .............. Greyvoices (alias John)
Sorry Babs,

The photo on the ebay listing is misleading. Looking more closely the three-way point is not included in the drop down options.

Best regards .......... Greyvoices (alias John)
Hi John,
Profi track is the Fleischmann pre ballasted track, the ebay link was for Fleischmann model track, which is what I use.
Hi Babz,
Glad you liked the link and if you are ever in the Stuttgart area I recommend a visit. If you get on the S2 in the direction of Schorndorf, get out at Stetten-Beinstein
and its a lovely walk across a field and along by the river Rems, probably 10 minutes or so walk.
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6991 Thank ypu for that Here is a shop i have been using ( Modellbau-Fischer ) Hauzenburg great shop and Thomas Fischer who runs the shop is very nice in a German way..
Kind Regards
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Whilst browsing the Piko catalogue today I noticed that they also have a transition track to link their ready ballasted system to the Fleischmann profi track. Might be quite useful as the height difference is much less than with the Trix track.
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