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Fleischmann Turntable is broken

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My Fleischmann Turntable (6651C) is not working. It just stopped. It was fine the other day and not it doesn't work.

The solenoid that activates the release that allows the bridge to move on to the next track clicks, so there is power getting there and the motor takes power from the same connections.

It maybe the motor, I'll try to feed it with some AC power to isolate and the problem

Anybody have a similar problem?

Do shops sell replacement motors?
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It could be a tricky time to get Fleischmann items repaired, as the new owners appear to be selling off the family silver at the moment, and it is unclear what future direction the company will take.
For example, will they continue to make Profi track when it competes directly with Roco's Geoline.

Although Roco have a nice small turntable in their lineup, the Fleischmann one is likely to continue, as it is also produed in a 3 Rail version for Marklin.

John Hills, the UK Fleischmann (and now Roco) chap, is probably a good first port of call for a motor, the motor itself looks very similar to the Hornby M Type motor, I don't know if it is the same though.
Hopefully the motor on its own may not be too costly.

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