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Fleischmann Turntable is broken

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My Fleischmann Turntable (6651C) is not working. It just stopped. It was fine the other day and not it doesn't work.

The solenoid that activates the release that allows the bridge to move on to the next track clicks, so there is power getting there and the motor takes power from the same connections.

It maybe the motor, I'll try to feed it with some AC power to isolate and the problem

Anybody have a similar problem?

Do shops sell replacement motors?
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Hi Doug

The Drive mechanism and motor are available as spare parts
Expensive though

Hope it is something simple and not the motor

Regards Zmil
Hi Doug

My turntable is in storage (with everything else) so I cant have a look
But as far as I am aware the motor is powered directly from the switch and takes the full 16Vac
Looking at the service sheet _ there is a 3 contact block which transfers power from the motor drive to the bus
this may have come adrift

Hope this helps
Regards Zmil
Hi Doug

That does not sound promising

There is a small capacitor in the circuit near the motor , that may have given up
the service sheet does not give a circuit diagram or a value for the capacitor

It does not look easy to replace the motor Mechanism
The mechanism is the same for 6052 and 6152 turntables
The Part No. is- 50 6052

I had one 6052 turntable that turned quite slowly compared to my 6152c turntable but as both were bought second hand
you never know how much they have been used.
I ended up selling the slow one

Regards Zmil
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Hi Doug

I wonder if it is possible to either replace the magnets or have them remagnetized
as that motor seems to have a long shaft.

Regards Zmil
Hi Doug

Just wondering if you fixed the turntable with the motor Brian Supplied?

There are other Fleischmann N scale motors that are similar with a long shaft 50 7030 is one

Regards Zmil
Hi Doug

Now that sounds like a good economical fix
Prices for genuine parts are just "off the Planet"

I'm sure other people will benefit if you find a reasonable price repair for your turntable
I have seen a couple sold on Ebay Locally (au) with a need for new motors

Regards Zmil
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