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Fleischmann Turntable

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I'm considering going digital and have already had a couple of questions answered by you guys so firstly a big thank you.

I currently have a Fleischmann turntable (6651c) which is isolated from the set of points from the main track which runs to the various tracks going into the turntable. There is a direct power feed to the table and power is is fed to whichever track is lined up with the platform with direction being controlled by the rotary switch provided.

My question is if I wanted to have all the tracks attached to the turntable live ( eg I could have sound fitted locos starting up and preparing to go onto the table) would I cause a problem as a loco entering the table and turning through 180 degrees would be coming out effectively in the different direction as far as the controller is concerned. Therefore there would be a spilt second as the platform turns around and aligns with each track which I guess would cause an electrical short. It also appears that I would be creating a reversing loop.

The only option I can think of is to keep the tracks connnected to the turntable isolated from the main track and only have one loco operating at a time powered by the direct feed to the unit as I do now in DC.

I probably have'nt explained this very well, but if anyone can understand my ramblings and has anything to say I would be grateful.

As always many thanks.

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Mark Hi,


Your only option is to get hold of a Reverse loop module.
I got the Lenz one.

Hi Mark,I use a Digitrax AR1 Automatic Reverse Controller on my Turntable which I built myself ,all converging tracks to the Turntable are wired to the track buss wire, the Turntable track is wired to the Reverser Unit,check the Digitrax webb site it explains how to wire the AR1, Bromsgroves sell these units if you live in the uk,hoping this might help Mike.
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