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QUOTE (dbclass50 @ 30 Apr 2008, 18:14) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>To be honest, it's not really recommended to change the locomotive address on anything but a programming track as it is easy to change the address of every locomotive on the track. Just connect the programming track connections to a spare section of clean track if you don't want to section a piece on the main layout.
I do not think that with the Twin Centre there is any danger of changing the addresses of all locos. I have never used a TC, but I have an Uhlenbrock Intellibox which is largely identical (and information on the Fleischmann website shows that main track programming is the same for the TC). I assume that you are using a DCC rather than a FMZ decoder. Put the TC into programming mode, go to DCC programming, go through the various programming methods with the down arrow till you come to main track programming. You then have to put in the decoder's current address, after which only the loco with that address will be programmed. Then you simply change CV1 to the address that you want.
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