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QUOTE (Smokeyone @ 18 Sep 2007, 09:00) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hello

Have just splashed out on the Fleischmann twin centre (startset passenger train)
and it seems to run very well.


The FLM Twin-Centre is a good bit of kit (we use them on St.Laurent).

The instruction book is not very easy to find your way round - all the info' is there - it's just finding it !

The CV's to alter the acceleration/braking are CV's 3 & 4.

Put the locomotive on the programming track & (from memory - I can always do it straight away when at the TC) put the TC into programming mode, go though the menu to get into DCC & CV's - unless you are happy with the top speed select CV5 which is top speed ( - always best to set top speed first) & read value - reduce value of the setting by about 25% & try top speed - keep adjusting until the top speed is correct. Then select CV3, read value - increase by about 25%, keep adjusting until acceleration is correct, then repeat with CV4 to set the braking.

I've not really explained this very well - could easily show how in front of a TC or maybe explain better over the phone. If you want any further help send me a PM & I'll let you have my phone number.

Hope this helps - once you have mastered the TC you will find it easy !
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