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Fleischmann twin centre

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Hey folks,

im looking for some help/tips/info from folks familiar with the Fleischmann twin-centre controller. i was familiar with hornby zero-1 but this dcc is a whole new ball game! lots of variables/variations etc!.

when talking about speed steps, are those set for each decoder/loco or is it the controller or both that can be set for 14/28 or 128 speed steps?.

and if the controller is set for 128 speed steps, then do the loco-decoders also have to be set to 128? or is this automatic? im confused!

i have a fleischmann electric loco that i fitted a lenz gold mini decoder to. up to approx half- speed all is fine, but after that with each speed step increase, the loco headlights go off, increase speed by 1 more step, they come on again, next speed step up - they go off again!. then at about 3/4 speed they just flash on and off at all speed steps from 3/4 to max speed. have to say that 1/2 speed upwards is already far to fast for this loco and i need to program one of the cv's to reduce the max speed.

i find programming the decoders confusing on this controller. i can alter the loco number. but i get confused with bit and byte programming!.

if i can set speed-up and slow-down inertia, max speed and turn the lights on and off i think ill be quite happy!.

i have the decoders for my points control but i dont know how to program them!. ill come to that later once the layout is up and running, look at introductions/new members and ull see pics and my intentions for my layout!.

as i say, im kinda new to this latest dcc and any help/info/pointers would be most appreciated!.


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Decoders are usually 28/128 speed steps by default. The older 14 speed step is a "legacy" issue and part of DCC history, however its still accommodated to look after older products.

You have to set the controller to the 28/128 speed steps.

Your light problem is happening because the decoder is at 28/128 and the controller set to 14 speed steps. It will go away as soon as you do that.

The FL Twin centre isn't the latest and greatest by any means and programming wise compared to other brands it IS hard to get on with, but persist and those things that are hard now will get easier with practice. There are several FLM Twincentre users on MRF that will hopefully be able to give you some pointers

Merry Christmas

thanks for the info on the lights flashing richard, ill look into changing the controller speed steps!. i thought that there seemed to be quite large jumps as the speed control knob is turned and each "click" seemed to make the speed increase by far too noticeable jumps rather than a smooth transition in running speed increases.
The FLM TC factory defaults to 27 speed steps AFAIR - reset to 28/128 speed steps as Richard says & the flashing lights problem will go away.

We use the TC's on SL & find them to be a relaible & compentant bit of kit, albeit a little "old fashioned". I have looked at replacing them with either an ECOS or Commander, but to be honest, as they still do as much as I want at the moment I'm sticking with them.

They do get some getting used to, the menu systems don't really "flow" but you get there. They can, however control as many locomotives at the same time that the power supply can handle, far more than a human could possibly follow.

If you have any specific TC problems then either post on send me a PM.
thanks for that brian! ... i much appreciate your assistance and u can be sure ill be callin on it in due time! thx!
I have the twin centres cousin the Uhlenbrock Intellibox, and have a right old mixture of decoders running on the layout.

The speed steps are set differently on many of my decoders and you can therefore have some locos with 28 steps and others with 128 on the same system.

Just by co-incidence I have had this lights on/off with each speed step yesterday, and the fix was as follows (for just this one loco)

1. Put loco on programming track
2. Select CV programming (bit)
3. Select CV 29
4. Set bit 1 = 1

That should fix the loco with the lights flashing and everything else should be the same. It worked for me anyway!

The T.C. does take a bit of getting used to, but I am more than happy with mine, and have enhanced it by hooking it up to my PC to use with the KAM software train tools for extra 'cab' controllers and wireless hooking up of a couple of PDAs to use as wireless controllers.
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QUOTE i find programming the decoders confusing on this controller. i can alter the loco number. but i get confused with bit and byte programming!.

If you can change the loco number it is a short an easy step to changing anything else. With my Intellibox I always use byte wise programming, which I have found to work well with all decoders; for normal purposes you can forget about the others.
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