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I have the twin centres cousin the Uhlenbrock Intellibox, and have a right old mixture of decoders running on the layout.

The speed steps are set differently on many of my decoders and you can therefore have some locos with 28 steps and others with 128 on the same system.

Just by co-incidence I have had this lights on/off with each speed step yesterday, and the fix was as follows (for just this one loco)

1. Put loco on programming track
2. Select CV programming (bit)
3. Select CV 29
4. Set bit 1 = 1

That should fix the loco with the lights flashing and everything else should be the same. It worked for me anyway!

The T.C. does take a bit of getting used to, but I am more than happy with mine, and have enhanced it by hooking it up to my PC to use with the KAM software train tools for extra 'cab' controllers and wireless hooking up of a couple of PDAs to use as wireless controllers.
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