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A ready to use, off the shelf product is the Tracksetter range of track laying guides available in OO/HO and N.
For those not up to date, Tracksetter is available with far more radii than before.

10" straight
18" radius
21" ..
24" ..
30" ..
36" ..
42" ..
48" ..
60" ..

£4.00 each or the full set of 9 for £28.80 from The Signal Box

Whatever you do, don't do it by eye alone, however hard you try there will be kinks.

A common practice is to avoid lining up the joints in mid curve, because this is where kinking will be harder to overcome. Staggered joints between inner and outer rail will help in that regard. Soldering is often recommended too.
All the best books and online advice recommend this method.

Peco code 75 and Tillig Elite look the best.

Good luck!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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