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Flm Dcc

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Opinions on this set of circumstances would be much appreciated.

I recently started building a layout using FLM DCC kit with a Twin Center controller. I have three locos, two new fromFLM and the third a second hand FLM, from Germany, which has had a chip (6876) fitted in the UK. Prior to the using the second hand loco, no problems, running lights on as required and very smooth.

Since I've started using the second hand loco the running running lights, on any loco, only come on when on even numbers on the power controller, on odd and off the running lights are off, however of more concern is stopping this loco. On ocassions it will stop when contol returned to zero and on others it runs on up to 15cm. A pain when shunting into sidings and has resulted in minor damage to stock. My original 'new' locos continue to work well and stop when zero selected on controller. The only minor issue with these is that of the running lights.

If anybody can shed light on what is going on I would be grateful.

Many thanks

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QUOTE Oh .... Does this mean that my new kit will become obsolete?

I would have thought that the installed base of loyal users was too large for it to be dropped in the short time. What is more likely to happen is that a new system is developed which supports the original system in a backwards compatibility mode but whose primary mode of operation is NMRA. Think of ESU and their multi protocol Maerklin / NMRA products. Of course this assumes that at the basic signalling level the FLM is compatible with NMRA, I don't know to that level of detail.

In other words, I think your investment is safe enough for a few years anyway.

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