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i'm about to begin my layout in my 32'x8' loft. believe it or not i'm modelling crewe (post modernisation obviously) i have lots of railway and points already and have built railways in the past. in the past i have used cork tiles as track underlay pva'd down. this time i'm thinking of using wood floor underlay tiles (the green fibre type). i realise that pva'ing them down and pva also on top for grass etc will reduce the effectivity of soundproof a little but i'm hoping that the pva will also stop the tiles from crumbling as they wil in effect be sealed with p.v.a.

will this work?? i've a friend who can get these tiles cheap and as it will be a large layout it will keep cost down and make time building faster as i wont have to buy, build, then save for more expensive cork, before continuing again.

i'm mainly worried about how long it will last and if it will be effective. has anyone tried this before and can advise me. do they crumble after time, will heat in a loft effect them etc? thanks.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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