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One of the most eagerly awaited locomotives this year is now available. The National Railway Museum LNER Green 'Flying Scotsman' 4-6-2 Loco Circa June 2004.

What a great loco. If you would like to win one of these there are still 5 days left in our competition. Click here for details.

Thanks to Rails of Sheffield for giving us permission to use their images of the models in this post.

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I got one of these at warley and it is fantastic.

i actually got 2 as the first had not been packed correctly and had the smoke deflector broken off. the steps had also detached and the tender saw falling apart!

Seriously though, this is a fantastic model. if you are thinking of getting one for a christmas present, i would get one that has the deflectors in place and runs well. any other small defects i would try and fix yourself as i have heard so many stories about these being damaged i dont know how many more will be available. even my second one had been put into the box before the paint was quite dry and the tissue paper had stuck. nothing a pencil eraser didnt sort our that same evening.

thankyou hornby for a fantastic model.

Peter Morgan

If i was really being fussy then i would point out that on the right hand side there are no rivits between the third and forth wheel. they6 are correct evrywhere else. but i am not fussy.
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