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flying scotsman

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are there supposed to be wires hanging off the back off my locomotive?

oh i forgot is the tender supposed to spark when i connect it to the loco? and is the loco supposed to be pushed by the tender or is the locos wheels supposed to move aswell?
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I find the above post strange in the extreme.

surely every question raised has an obvious answer, that is to say no it shouldn't have wires hanging of the back, no it shouldn't spark when connected to the tender and yes, assuming it's tender drive the loco wheels should go round when being pushed by the tender. In this case we appear to be talking about the A3 before the current one which was, I believe tender drive, and if the locomotive has this many faults I personally would send it to permanant residence at my local landfill site.

finally I have a suspicion that someone out there is taking the p. (see also Hornby Brittania)


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