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For Sale or Swap: Hornby 0-4-0 Stewart & Lloyds

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I have decided I no longer want this little loco, as I prefer my other one and am undecided about future motive power! I was planning on a conversion for it, but have decided against that.

Been cleaned and oiled and is a super little runner, suprisingly even at slow speeds. Boxed but cellophane is torn on the box. Would be a good project for someone if not wanted as it is, perhaps you larger sclae narrow gauger's?

Reasonable offers plus postage or possibly trade?

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I'm sorry to appear obtuse, but I'm new to all this!

What sort of figure did you have in mind for it? I don't want to suggest something and insult you terribly by underpricing the loco
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Hi there, I am also interested.
What is the price range you are after?
The prices in Ebay vary too much (from one figure to two figures).
Obviously I am looking for a price lower than the RRP.

Thank you.
I have changed my mind, sorry folks, this loco is staying and no longer for sale.
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