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Forays into 7mm/ft

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What do you think...

Any opinions on how to etch and spray would be most gratefully received...


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hello there

I would start with a good scrub in cellulose thinners. then give it a coat of phoenix single pack etch primers. i would do this with a brush. because its freight stock and the body was made of wood it will actually be quite nice if the brush marks from the etch primer show through. this is an easy effect and should look really good.

After the etch primer spray it with 2 coats fo the bauxite (or whatever colour you wish-you can do them lime green if you really want to!!
Then mask off the body and spray the chassis satin black and the roof grey.

Then weather as desired.

for the flats the process is basically the same. but you would want to avoid the brush marks on the sides so give them a couple of extra coats of matt paint and rub them down between coats with 1500 (at least) grit paper. i tend to use 2000 grit but its becomming hard to find.
Hello again. i just saw your question on the other thread "would you recommend the brush on product, or should I stick with the can version ?"

For the etch primer i would use a brush and phoenix etched primer. its phoenix PQ1. put it on very thinly. its an acid in a paint but it needs to go as thinly as you can. you dont have to cover the item with the colour just make sure there is some residue on the item and it will work just fine. leave it fora good 24 hours and dont use it if the can is more than about a year old. (6 months if its something you are really proud of)

I really dont like using the aerosols. i have seen good results from them but i much prefer to have the control i can get with my airbrush.

If you dont have one you are welcome to come over and use mine. are you far from london?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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