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QUOTE (dbclass50 @ 25 Feb 2008, 11:32) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Exchanging a few views on another topic I wondered how many of the members here exhibit at shows - be it layout, demo stand, society stand or whatever.


My depot layout is on the exhibition cuircuit. Due to work i dont get to take it out all year, just the winter months usually, as such it has only done 3 shows in 3 years plus a club open day. It has a shop open weekend in june and another show in October. I think another 2-3 shows in the Wales and S.West area and that might be it, I dont think layouts should be seen more than a few times?

As such, I am planning a tailchaser this year, hopefully it will makes it debut in November. It will comprise 4 x 5 ft boards, boxed with 4 ft radius curves and the usual fiddle yard. The idea is that the trains will only be seen on the 20 foot of front layout, the curves which will be narrow in width 2 track only may be boxed in, cheap light ply unpianted and the fiddle yard may have some sort of 6 inch screen as I like you, dont like people spending time looking at stock.
I intend to hold their attention by having someting moving or ideling away on the fron boards.

thats plan A.
Dont mind photographes, I am a pro Photographer! I put a sign up saying take as many as you like, but I also give my e-mail address and ask for some copies to be sent to me!
I also put up signs saying ask questions, ask for train X. A list of scheduled running stock is also put up so if someone wants to see the Sandite train for example, they can ask for it and operation sequence can be changed.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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