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Just back from Model Rail Scotland, having operated Mike Wild's Bay Street Shed/Carper Road layout all weekend (with Mike), which was adjacent to the Hornby Magazine sales stand. We plan to take the layout to one show each month - next up Nottingham in March.

It is hard work though. Set up Thursday night, then a long day Friday (show closes at 8.00pm), then all day Saturday and Sunday until 5.00pm, then two hours knock down and loading up. Add the long drive back today (Monday) - just got back at 4.00pm - and I am absolutely shattered.

Still, a very good show, with some layouts rarely seen south of the border, most of the major manufacturers and a good selection of traders. Pete Waterman was also on hand with Laurie Lynch promoting a range of 'O' gauge diesel kits that really do seem affordable from around £375 (but you need motor and wheels). What keeps the price down is the plastic body, rather than using brass. I could be tempted at some point!

I did succumb to temptation and bought a Townstreet coaling tower and ash plant for a project I have in mind. I've been eying these superb-looking kits for some time and have been put off by the price (£70 apiece) - until now. I just hope I can paint and weather them as well as the examples on the sales stand!

Ah well, better go and sort all the locos and rolling stock back into safe storage, before we do it all again next month!

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1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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