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Forum Slowdown?

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It might just be me (new computer) but it seems the pages over the last week or so take a lot longer to load I have broadband and a new computer,mostly the first page of a section and when posting messages takes a long time to think about it. Is anyone else having a problem or do I need to look at mine. Not happening on any other site.
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No problem that I'm aware of. It could be something to do with the network routing from the forum to where you are.
Check your Internet speed with this handy tool.
It could also be your security software or newer browser versions doing more pre-checking of the web pages before loading them.
Thanks for that I got 900 kbps I do think the security software is checking more things but why is it only on this site?
Hi Kiwitrains

I get the same problem with Posts that are picture intensive
Some of the images are large files
as most of the pictures are hosted on other websites, they can take a while to download

Regards zmil
Generally I find MRF problem free - the only time it seems slow is when I have too many programmes running in the background or when internet traffic is very high.
At times MRF will time out here but apart from that its fine most days i log in in the morning and all day problem free.
900kbs is very slow. I get over 2000 and I'm on a slow broadband connection. Try the Full Tests on the PC Pitstop home page.
Just done another test with different server and the reading was 3,257 kbs a lot different. The site is loading better now must have been a problem at my end thanks for the info very useful, just done a test on an Aussie site and the reading was 5,450kbs even better.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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