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Frustrated newby to lenz dcc

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Can anyone help me with a problem on my brand new lenzlh101 plus!?, i managed only to change loco addresses on 2 locos before it gave up and refuses to accept any new addresses bar 0003?,i even reset factory settings on the base station to no avail carnt have all my locos just answering to 0003!!,feel like ive bout £350worth of junk?, any ideas people??, i need help
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Hi all ive done so far was on the hand set gone to reset factory settings?, no idea how to reset the base station, did try deleting all loco addresses and starting again but alas would only recognise 0003?
I have had one of the earlier LZV/LH100 combinations for about 16 years. although these days, it operates the Workbench Layout.
In its early days, it operated Ashprington Road and I do recall having to reset the command station. IIRC the procedure was documented in the manual, but alas, I can't find that reference to hand.
In my case, the command station was forgetting locos while powered down. After resetting, it has worked fine ever since. But I dislike the antiquated throttles Lenz use, which was why I later purchased an NCE system - much more focussed around operating trains that being a system designed by 1980's VCR User Interface developers!
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