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frustrating fleischmann dcc issue

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hey folks ...

as posted elsewhere, my baseboards are ready! ... track planning is in full swing just now to see whats possible in the space i have ...

however over the past year, iv been busy acquiring equipment so i have most of the things i need to start building and running my railway!

i knew from the start that i wanted dcc to run the layout and switch points. i knew i liked the console type controller too and i always liked german equipment!.

so i bought the fleischmann twin center and the twin control. i also have a profil boss to use as a handheld/walkabout unit which im told works very well with the twin centre.

but at the scottish model rail show, talking to experts on the brand, they tell me that fleischmann are dropping the twin centre and control and adopting the roco - maus system. the problem is - they are not compatible with each other ... one uses loco-net, the other uses express net for the components to talk to each other!. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

the main difference for me as a user is that the roco-maus is capable of operating up to about 20 digital functions, the twin centre is limited to 8. but for n-scale, 8 seems to be sufficient given that there isnt many sound equipped locos in n gauge like there is in 00.

so do i stick with the fleischmann system now that iv invested in a twin centre, twin control and profi-boss (about £600 of controller lol) or do i switch to another controller now and cut my losses?

problem is that whatever is good today is outdated in 6-12months time and so any system bought today will be ousted in 12 months time by something else!.

do i just be happy with what iv got? ... thoughts / advice pls!
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depending on your plans for the future, you could keep what you have and use it, other compatable stuff will be around new or second hand on ebay etc for years to come ( look at hornby duplo and even zero 1, still used today by some folks ). it isn't going to vanish overnight. no matter what system you get there is a chance ( small chance ) that it will be out dated/not available next year. digitrax stuff is all compatable back to the beginning except for one item the CT4 throttle. if you want to switch systems the likes of digitrax or lenz have been around for ages. you could sell what you have on , perhaps even px it, and change systems, but you may still be in the same boat down the line.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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