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between 1939 and 1942, The London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) built at their Derby workshop 40 0-6-0 shunters Nos. 7080–7119.
These diesel-electric locomotives featured the rather unique Winterthur transmission.
In 1941, ten machines (the 7100-7109) were loaned and later sold to the Ministry of War.
After the war they were sold where they had been last: 6 went to the Egyptian Railways and 4 to the Italian State Railways (FS).
The four locomotives were grouped in the class Ne700 and served very long at FS.
In fact 3 of them still exist and even one of them is in service at the private railway LFI.
I understand that the remaining 30 in UK have been long torched.
Train Wheel Vehicle Rolling stock Nature

I have designed the model of this locomotive from scratch. It is completely 3D printed in SLA , excluding the transmission rods that are printed in FDA.
Font Engineering Auto part Cylinder Machine

The chassis uses a 615S motor. Wheels come from a bastelware BR89. Even though they are smaller than they should be, they look fine, due to the large flange of the Z scale.

The chassis is split in half and encloses in the two halves the transmission shaft. The shaft holds three screws and a large cog. The cog interfaces to the motor pinion and the screws engage on the wheel pinions.

Current pick-ups are on all 6 wheels through 4 phosphorous-copper 'staples'.
The very tall body allows to incorporate quite some lead ballast (just cut from a lead bar) which produces an overall weight of 19 g.
Train Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Toy

I still need to implement the motor wheel, the ballasts on the drivers and apply the decals.
I like it, though as we say in the south 'ogni scarrafone è bell'a mamma soja' = every cockroach is beautiful to his mom.

Since it is a British loco I though it could be of interest.
If there is interest I can make shell and chassis available on shapeways while ssembly instructions and bill of materials will be on lamiascalazeta

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