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Now what do you do if you have quite a bit of money and you are interested in model trains? You are perhaps only interested in the best? You could perhaps go for a large O-gauge layout in your basement or you could invest in a few Scale "I" models to display in your office to impress your business partners. Either way, if you were interested in this subject matter Flugurex is a brand to take note of.

As Fulgurex say:
" In our fast living world, we are confronted with stress and cheap consumer goods and we search for strongholds in our lives. We have to practice patience and learn to have pleasure out of beautiful and durable objects. "
Daliel Ingold from Fulgurex, the Swiss manufacturer of brass models, kindly showed me around his stand and the models on show. Mainly large models, Scale "I" in 1:32 scale. The do however make models in N, HO, HOm, O and I. Mainly French models, but a couple of Swiss models too.

The models are hand made from brass in Korea. They have working access panels and so many details it is unbelievable.

To give you an idea on pricing, the Fulgurex Nord 231 "Pacific Chapelon Nord" sells for 7132.00 Euros. (the brown loco in the 5th to the 8th photos below)

More info on Fulgurex here:
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