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I have spotted something that may be of interest. It appears all function buttons toggle on and off. So when you press a function button you turn the function on. Press the same button again and you turn the function off. Now this fully explains why I have being getting what I thought was erratic behaviour when using F2 and F3 on the EZ-Command control pad to control the horn of the Bachmann sound loco. Sometimes it appeared to work and sometimes it didn't.

It seems that the first time you use the horn you only press the button once to turn the horn function on. For all second and subsequent horn use you have to push the function button twice to turn the horn function off and back on again.

Bachmann should make this a bit clearer in their instructions. Certainly when everybody was having a go with the sound loco at Warley MRC there was much comment on why the horn did not work when the function button was pressed and then it did which made it all seem very erratic and I did not have the answer. Now I do!

There was suddenly a moment of inspiration when using the Elite on/off button. Everything DCC has a logical answer it seems. Its the humans who cause the problems!

OK it might be a discovery made by a newbee however how many others have been kicking their console around the room as a result of function buttons that appear to have a mind of their own!

Happy modelling
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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