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I paged through this book in Johannesburg recently and thought it well worth a purchase at well under £10.00. It covers all aspects of Woodlands sub-terrain products and their application. Particularly the use and application of the pre-formed gradients is well worth considering particularly if you construct your baseboards like being a member of the flat earth society. I'm been using Woodlands product for years and apart from a few duds I've found them to be excellent. I was hoping to use the preformed gradients on my On30 layout but then I found out Bachmann don't have stock in this country at the moment.
A good read as an alternative to a Microsoft manual

This book is also by Woodlands as is an essential companion to the sub terrain manual some really useful tips.

BTW Doug do I Brownie points with Bachmann ? and when will they send me my Easter Egg ?


Bachmann may not have any in stock, but certainly a lot of their retail outlets have stock.

as do:-


Think outside the box!

Bachmann may be the official guys for Woodland Scenics - but there are still a lot of retailers out there buying direct from the USA!

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