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Further releases of the NRM Deltic

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Dear All

I understand that the NRM deltic is to be released once again by the NRM. A reveiew of recent E-Bay prices indicate that the loco sells for between GBP230 - GBP350 and the market for further sales must be considerable. Does any forum member have any idea when this may happen? I assume that City of Truro and others too must be in the pipeline.


Brian Patterson
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I had an Email from the NRM shop in York the other day saying that had some more ready for sale and if I wanted one to contact the shop before the 9th July to make payment...standard one so £95 I think it was.

I'm unable to buy the Deltic at this time so unfortunately I won't be able to buy one, so there is one spare!

Best bet is to call the NRM shop in York and see if you can buy one, my guess is they have a waiting list of people who want one and they are just going down the list.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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