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Gützold Br56 / TCDD 45035

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Thanks Brian & Richard for the encouragement.

Our Gützold Br56 is one of the spoils of Dortmund. I had an eye on it for quite sometime.
What would you get if you squeeze a Br58 ( Rivarossi 58) from both sides? the answer is a 56.

This machine, actually a KPEV G8.2 was used extensively by the TCDD and anybody interested in its history can find more at:

Here she is :

Its fitted with a loksound decoder and runs very smoothly.

The plate numbers 45035 was done by herr Kuswa at:

I have met him personally at Dortmund and have to say he has made a lot of Turkish railroad modellers very happy indeed with his craftmanship on the plates.

This is my first ever steam loco weathering. I would really like to know your honest opinions. Here we go:


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QUOTE (ebaykal @ 4 May 2008, 14:47) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

That Baykal, is superb! It really looks like it's been doing some serious work!

I think you have done it with great delicacy and so can vary the amount for different locomotives/amounts of dirt. Well done on being brave enough to tackle such a good (and not exactly China cheap!!) model. I would be quite scared from doing it unless I had practised on every wagon in my haberdashery before tackling a locomotive. But then N scale is half the size so all weathering attempts looks twice as clumsy in it. What did you use, an airbrush or rub on a fine powder and spray with clear varnish?

Will you be weathering all your other locomotives? I suppose they will look too new next to this one at the roundhouse!

P.S. Any luck finding models of those TCDD hoppers?
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