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G/Farish 57 class

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Now I know this may sound daft but having removed the body of my GF 57 pannier tank to service the mechanism I can't get the body to fit back on. It has two lugs which locate the body at the rear and a single screw that holds it all in place at the front. When I try to replace the chassis it seems a very tight fit and does not line up right with the body. If anyone has any ideas they would be most welcome.
Cheers nike.
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Try the body the other way round. Been there, done that - and for some reason it seems it only fits one way
Being an idiot I went and put down 57 class when I ment 94 class loco, its what happens when watching tv and typing at same time!
Sorry I assumed you meant the new class 57 Farish diesel , not a pannier tank......
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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