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G-scale Garratt

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I have just launched myself - perhaps blindly - into G-scale for a Garden layout... Am I nuts

How much should have I paid for this Garden Railway Specialists Darjeeling Garratt built on two LGB chassis
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Hi Doug,

Welcome to the world of G-Scale!! I made the jump a couple of years ago. One of the problems of using LGB locos on Peco track is that the LGB pick-up shoes short out on the frogs of Peco points as they are built to a finer profile. Problem can be solved by adding some insulating material to the frogs so that the pick-up shoes don't short out.

On the layout I'm building I've used LGB track but recently have started using Aristocraft track (apart from points which are still LGB) as it's considerably cheaper and there is a greater choice of different radius curved track. Aristocraft track can be obtained from Bachmann stockists.

You might think about joining the G-Scale Society - there are some members in France who are affiliated to the Kent area group as well as the Sussex area group (of which I'm also members!!)

Like the Garratt - just waiting for the time when LGB do a plastic version of the WHR Garratt.

Hi ChrisE,

Yep, I knew about the brass Aster/LGB Garratt but I'm waiting for a plastic version. Number of years ago they did a brass Aster/LGB Harz 2-10-2T which was followed a few years later by a plastic can but hope that they will do the same for the WHR Garratt.........
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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