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Garage with Solar Lighting

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I am not a Green Squad Hippie, but I do like free light. This idea came to light (!) Whilst in one of those "Cheap Shops"

So lets see if it works...................

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In the roof ! Where else !

Adding a frame to the panel.

Fitting the frame to the roof.

Constructing a cradle for the circit board, Battery & Switch.

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Circit board frame complete.

All glued into position, with hot melt glue & some tape to cover the wires.

It works, because the circit is light sensitive you have to dim the lights.

Close up.

There is no reason why you could not extend the wires to the solar panel, maybe put them in your fiddle yard.

There is a switch on the circit board, to switch off when not in use.

Total cost, excluding the building £1.00, & a burnt finger. (Hot glue !)
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Thanks all for the feedback.
I don't know anything about charging, It just seems to work. because there is a light censer your room have to be dim before the LED come on.

Like I said total cost excluding the building, £1.00, that was for the cheap imported solar garden light from a UK chain store "Poundland", although BVM I can sell you as many lights as you want for £10.00 each !!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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