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I am very surprised that there is no mention to this magazine, with I am sure, several of you members on here, enjoying the delights of a model railway in your own garden, or that of somebody you know.

At my local Model Railway Club tonight, I was shown a copy of the November issue and there was a super article on one item that a great deal of us, even fail to discuss when it comes to matters of modelling both indoors and outdoors, planning and/or building. The item is that of signalling, whether good old semaphore, or colour light, what we prefer, what we use, or what manufacturer we consider the best.

The columnist in Garden Rail doing the article on signalling, is OUR Club President Mark Thatcher. No, please do not insult this Mark as being the son of our Ex-Prime Minister. This MT IS a Gentleman and in more ways than one.

I did look at the rest of the magazine and read some of the other articles which I felt were also very good and informative.
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